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Why use modeling software? For one, you can plan things out and see how they look before you make costly investments in real plans or even real building. Take a 3d perspective of your home, without hiring costly architects and planners. In addition, you will be able to quickly change the look of your plans and home so that your A Frame (or any other home design), is spaced correctly, with a wide variety of different layouts tested before you even touch a piece of lumber. Getting planning software is a no-brainer if you are building your own home.

Born from trees leaning on each other, tee-pee shaped homes were easy and fast to construct and deconstruct. Their triangular shape is pre-historical in terms of home building. Centuries later, in the mid 1900s, architects rediscovered the triangular-shaped home and took it to new heights. "A-frame" houses began to take shape. Considered one of the first of its kind, the Reese House in Long Island, New York was architect Michael Andrew Geller's revolutionary design. The style caught on quickly and, soon, A-frame homes were being built everywhere.

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A typical A-frame home is very particular in design. It has a triangular shape, front and rear gables, deep-set eaves, and large windows on the front and rear faces. The A-frame design makes for homes of one and a half or two and a half stories with the “half” story being the space at the top of the triangle.

The A-frame home has recently seen a growth in popularity. This popularity is due to many factors – from the economy of building an A-frame structure to its ease of construction. But another contributing factor to the rise of the A-frame is the ability to customize the structure itself. A-frames serve a perfect medium for architects to explore new and creative design options because of the economy of the building construction. For the buyer, this makes the A-frame a perfect first or vacation home.

A-frame homes were originally popular in mountainous areas because the pitched roof was good in the snow. The sloped roof also provides a half floor at the top of the house which can be used for lofts or storage space. It also lessons exterior maintenance requirements on the house.

While A-Frame home designs were commonly built in wooded areas and in areas that have heavy snowfalls, they now have taken universal appeal for their design, layout, and strength.

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