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Gazebo - FAQ

There's nothing simple about today's lifestyles -- they are busy, demanding, and noisy. It's easy to give yourself a break from this stressful life with the simplicity found in Amish gazebos. This quiet place to sit and meditate can quickly take you away from the pressures of daily life.

With the Pine finish, you are selecting beauty that lasts. Treated pine gazebos are made from 100%, #1 grade Southern yellow pine that is pressure-treated to prevent decay and insect damage.

Standard Features

All of the features listed below are included in the base price. All of our wood gazebos are fully customizable--click here for more information on these options.

  100% Cedar Shake Roof
We are pleased to include a Cedar Shake Roof in our base pricing for all of our wood gazebos. Cedar is one of the best natural roofing materials available, sometimes lasting over 70 years. What makes cedar such an excellent roofing material? The natural oils found in cedar help reduce the risk of wood rot and insect damage, while its straight grain helps ensure that the shakes will remain flat and true. Finally, you do not even need to seal the shakes--left untreated they will weather to a rich and rustic gray. If you do wish to preserve the original look of the shakes then we recommend applying a quality sealer once a year.

  Standard Braces
The braces included as part of our base model serve two purposes. The first is structural--the braces actually provide additional support for the roof of your gazebo. The second purpose is decorative--the braces add an attractive flair to the look of our gazebos. And if you would like an even more ornate look for your gazebo, let us add our more decorative braces to your gazebo. Please contact us to obtain more information about customizable options.

  Standard Treated Pine 4 x 4 Posts
It is important that the main support structure of a gazebo be strong, straight and true. This is why we use sturdy 4 x 4 posts in all of our gazebos, not 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 posts like some of our competitors. The treated pine used for these posts is kiln dried, further enhancing its resistance to warping and twisting. Also available as part of our customizable options in a lathe-turned design that adds a more traditional flair to the look of your gazebo.

  Standard Treated Pine 1 x 3 Railings
As part of our base pricing, our pine gazebos come with #1 grade treated pine 1 x 3 railings or balusters, and 2 x 4 hand or top rails. Our top railing sections provide an added decorative touch to our gazebos and are made to match the lower railings. As with almost all of the features of our gazebos, you can switch the base railings for more decorative ones.

  #1 Grade Treated Pine Flooring
The floor boards, joists, and band boards included in our base pricing are all made of #1 grade southern yellow pine. As with all of our treated wood products, the wood is "KDAT" (kiln dried after treatment) to assure that it stays flat, does not bow or twist, and limits checking. We recommend that you seal the floor every two years (depending on location), or leave it unsealed allowing it to age for a more rustic look.


GazeboNo matter how large or small your project, feel free to contact us if you need a unique or modified design. We're here to help!

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