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The log home or log cabin was the first true house of the European settlers. They were patterned after the log dwellings of the Native Americans called wigwams. Without the aid from the Native Americans, the first pioneers may have all perished in the elements. While many were craftsmen and tradesmen, most did not know how to use the landscape of new America to their advantage. The first “how to build a log home” came in those first days of the pilgrims with much help from the Native Americans.

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The cabin stood as the dwelling of the pioneer and western expansionists until the prominence of saw mills took over in the mid-century. But log homes and cabins have made a re-emergence in the American landscape of the 20th century. Many handymen and green-lifers are interested again in how to build an environmentally safe, durable log home. Many others are turning to manufacturers of log homes and log cabins as a middle ground in their search for nature and beauty in their abodes. The log cabin home and how to build one have advanced much in the last 200 years and even more in the last two decades.

The literature around how to build a log home yourself is immense; from detailed step-by-step directions, to diagrams, to overviews. In the end, they are all not much more than one would imagine: finding and cutting down logs to fit your needs (smaller girth logs are preferable) and then joining the logs together in some fashion. The most common way to join logs together is using a lock-joint. The lock-joint requires cutting a notch in the top ends of each log so that the perpendicular log can fit into it snugly. Floors are then laid using boards and door and window holes cut and jammed. Sound like a job for you? Well, unless you’re ready to wield an axe, there may be an easier way.

Most home kit manufacturers do the “axe-wielding” for you. In other words, you choose and customize a design, size, and style and they will build it for you. Much of the build happens off-site in a technologically advanced facility. So instead of axes and anvils there are computer-aided design teams that instruct saws and mills to make cuts. Some of there advanced machine can make cuts down to the tenth of an inch in accuracy.

So that “how to build your own home” question has received a much needed hand from prefab and home kit companies. Once you’ve decided what you want in a home, you can choose and design a home kit of your own. With the help of manufacturing professionals, you can erect a home of your own in about a month’s time from floors to ceiling – all without having to fell a tree or carve a notch. A simple click on a prefab home manufacturer’s site can do it for you.

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