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Is your dream house an A-Frame ski chalet with an open-floor plan and loft bedrooms? Is it a sleek modern floor to ceiling windowed urban home? Perhaps it’s a three story Victorian complete with balconies and trimmed with crown molding? Or maybe you’re just not sure yet. In any case, using a prefab home site as a research base is a good beginning in the realization and “how to” in building your dream house.

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There are many steps in the process of building your own dream house. And we’re not talking about the how to behind driving a nail or hanging a door or installing a bay window. What we are referring to is the how to behind the process of getting it all done. What do I do first? What is the most important? What’s my first step? How do I build my dream home? If you have thought at all about new home construction, these questions should be at the forefront.

Recommendations among home building experts vary in terms of first steps. If budget is at all a concern in the building of your dream house, then some research needs to be done into cost per square foot of building in your area. Find a home or home builder in the area where you want to build your dream home and get the numbers. Averages don’t always tell the whole picture, so choose and ask about a home that is like the one in your dreams.

Prefab home building sites and home kit manufacturers offer a grand array of choices in design and size for your dream home – and often at a much better price per square foot than your local builder. So even if your original plan did not involve prefab or home kits, it is a smart move to research their sites. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what they have to offer.

With the idea of cost per square foot of your dream home in your dream location in hand; you can focus more on design. Again, advice in choosing design for your new home varies widely. Most advice asks you to immediately make “either/or” type choices: traditional or modern, Victorian or Tudor, vacation or primary residence. But these kinds of yes/no choices don’t always need to be made as such. Home kits and prefabricated home companies allow for exploration of the grey areas in between these extremes, through offering you the ability to customize almost every aspect in the process. While offering base designs to give you some footing, many companies have designers and architects on their team and at your disposal. So don’t be limited by your local carpenters. Explore your dreams and realize them though a combination of traditional design and modern technique.

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