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So you’ve been to all the open houses you can handle. You’ve flipped through all the real estate pamphlets that you care to. You’ve even spoken with more than your share of real estate agents who seem more interested in their commission than your happiness. And now you’ve finally turned the corner. You now want to build your own house from the ground up. There seems no other way to get what you want – and you may be right.

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So what now? How do I go about building my own house? Well, it’s a good question and you have a myriad of choices. Some other questions that may be haunting you involve price, budget, style, design, time, size, and material. But beyond these choices, you must first decide what you need and what you want. What are the non-negotiables and what are the non-essentials? Answering this question will save you much time and money no matter what style house you decide to build.

The non-negotiables in building your own house have everything to do with why you are building at all. Do you need a bigger home but are looking to spend a similar amount per month as you currently are? Is price no issue, but having a large deck with room for a barbeque and hot tub is? In either case, your needs/wants affect all of the other choices. But whatever those needs/wants/desires/dreams are, there is plenty of help and advice available through home building sites and their multiple resources. Prefab home companies and their design teams have created sites and home kits that make the process of building your own home an easier and learning one.

These companies and sites have designed home kits and customized panels to meet most buyers every need. While traditional on-site construction will have you jumping through hoops so that your needs match their abilities, the home sites allow you to peruse a portfolio of designs and styles first. Once you see one that you like, you can then go on to customize it to further meet your dreams.

To build your own house you will need a good partner. Good partners have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to make your new house a reality. Many consumers like you looking to build their own house are choosing prefab home companies to partner with. They not only have the experience and know-how, but the ability to offer high end, sophisticated design and materials at a lesser price than your average construction crew.

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