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Whether you are looking for a small get-away cabin, or a multi-floor, multi-thousand square foot home, cedar homes kits can meet any and all of your needs. The concept of the kit is simple: it is a complete home design package. From ceiling to floor, windows to siding, kit packages offer you a complete home in a wide array of choices. In most cases, the general kit package can then be modified to meet your specific needs. Some kits are even prepared individually with the aid of staff architects, drafters, and planners.

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Cedar home kits are those kits that use mostly cedar in their construction: cedar siding, cedar door and window trimming, cedar risers and stringers (stairs). The result is a well designed, well priced home that seems to fit together because it does. In choosing cedar home kits, the consumer has not only a wide choice in materials and floor plan, but also in general design. Kits are normally offered in various construction styles: post and beam, timber frame, conventional balloon frame, and often in combination.

The advantages of cedar home kits are similar to those of kit homes in general. The build time is much less than an average on-site build because everything is normally shipped at once. There is no waiting on windows, doors, roofing, or any other materials. Everything is literally pre-planned and ready for construction. Similarly, because of the attention to minute detail in the planning and preparation of the kit, cost of cedar home kits is more than reasonable and normally ends up very close to the original estimate. Many cedar home kits are panelized, lessoning build time even further and even further eliminating material waste making the process more economical.

The worry with kit homes previously had been in design and individuality. But over the last two decades cedar home kits have become nearly indistinguishable from their traditionally designed and built counterparts. In size, design, and adaptability, the home kit now rivals other types of homes. Together with the beauty of natural cedar, a home kit is a wise and beautiful choice for the modern home buyer, whether looking for a vacation home, or a large primary residence.

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