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When you think log cabin, you think Abe Lincoln. And rightly so. Honest Abe made the log cabin famous in modern society because it is so often mentioned in our history books as part of his life. Back then, most pioneers and farmers lived in log cabins but not many of our Presidents did.

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Today, log cabin homes are having a revival. With advance in machinery, architecture, and the timber industry, a new home buyer can purchase a log cabin home just as easily as a more modern stick frame home and have it look just as good. Log cabin homes have come a very long way since the days of Lincoln. Once one room and architecturally obtuse, the modern log cabin home comes in various shapes, sizes, and designs.

Construction of log cabin homes has changed drastically. One can imagine the log cabin home of Lincoln having gaps between logs, being drafty and cold, and perhaps even being insect ridden. Modern log cabin homes are a far cry from those of old. Today, logs used can be rounded, D-shaped or squared off by mills. In this way, they fit together snugly to better insulate the home. Some companies create logs that interlock with each other to eliminate wind, moisture, and cold.

With log homes being constructed completely of wood (no sheetrock, no cement), there is often an initial concern among buyers regarding insect infestation. Insects like termites and carpenter ants can cause problems if left unhindered but no more than with a typical mill cut wood frame home. In both cases, finishes that are specially made to protect log homes from insects and fungi abound. Just like in protecting the finish on a car or the siding on a traditionally framed home, a log home takes some amount of tender love and care but no more than your average stick frame home.

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