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Traditional log cabin floor plans – those that were built in the days of the first European settlers to the New World – were nothing more than one square room. Today’s log cabin floor plans, while offering the rustic style and feel of old, are much more elaborate. The idea that a log cabin cannot rival the fashion and technique of a traditional home is no longer viable. With more and more home building companies offers log cabins and log cabin kits, the log cabin home has received a modern make-over that has brought it into the spotlight for a large number of new home buyers.

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Today, log cabins can have a layout that incorporates the discerning taste of almost any buyer. From those interested in keeping the rustic feel of a tradition cabin, large open-floor loft-style floor plans are offered. For others who want the woodiness of a cabin but no the bucolic undertones, many log cabin companies offer sophisticated two and three story buildings in styles ranging from Tudor to Victorian. Other buyers, who are interested in a combination of the modern and classic, will find the ranch style an interesting option.

While floor plan choices vary among manufacturers and distributors, there is in fact much overlap. But what may vary from company to company is the extent of the details in the floor plans themselves. For those not familiar with drafting and designing floor plans, you may find it worth while to research plans in general. There is much more involved than a simple diagram or outline of the home. Companies offer varying degrees of detail in their plans and some charge for plans beyond a certain point. In researching and choosing your firm, be sure to note the extent of floor plan stipulations.

At a base level, floor plans show the locations of walls, doors, and windows with dimensions. Some may include electrical schematic layouts as well. But floor plans themselves are just part of the overall building plans. Foundation plans, building section plans, exterior elevations, roof overviews, as well as kitchen and bath elevations are also essential in the construction of your log cabin.

Log cabin floor plans are as varied as those of any other structure. The buyer must know what s/he desires in a new home in order to choose wisely. Whatever kind of layout is chosen, the log cabin home can meet any buyers dreams.

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