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We will have log cabin kits soon, so please check back shortly.


In the days of the early colonists and pioneers, the log cabin was one of the most common abodes, if not the only. But during those times, even with the aid of dozens of people, a modest log cabin would take weeks, even months, to construct. During the building process, over the weeks, if it rained or snowed, much material was lost to the elements and pioneers had to rebuild. Lucky for them, the pioneers weren’t apt to stay in their cabin for a lifetime because over time the wood would rot and become soft in the elements. Often the wood would become infested with termites or other blight. Lucky for us, times have changes and so have log cabins.

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Today, log cabin homes have not only overcome the problems that pioneers faced, but have begin to rival most other types of homes both in style and stability. With over 20,000 built each year, log cabin homes and log cabin kits are becoming one of the most popular home construction choices in the United States. The log cabin itself, advanced by the production and innovation of the log cabin kit, has become a choice for new home builders who want not only modern style but a touch of nature in their lives.

Log cabin kits are individually designed homes that come packaged for the individual buyer. Kits make home building a faster and more economical choice for home buyers and builders because a designer and architect has already designed and chosen the pieces to the home puzzle. While a wide variety of choice, as well as an ability to make the smallest changes, is often available in kit choices, the base kit that most companies offer includes every facet of the build – walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, and more. Higher end kits even give choice in room fixtures and finishes. In essence, the log cabin kit offers a buyer and builder all the conveniences of a traditional home at a faster build time and more economical price.

How can log cabin kits offer this much value and design choice? It has much to do with the availability of better prices of wood in bulk, as well as the general connection a company has with a wood provider. It makes sense. A team that builds one house will pay more for its wood and accessories than a company that can order materials for dozens if not a hundred houses at once. Does this make a log cabin kit lesser, in terms of materials or labor? Of course not. Often, because orders are made in bulk, a log cabin kit manufacturer often can use a higher grade of wood and other materials.

Combined with a shorter build time and often a more technologically advanced design team, log cabin home kits can offer both the quality and price that a modern home buyer is looking for.

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