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If you have decided or are deciding to purchase a log home, floor plans will be one of your first decisions. Log home floor plans come in every imaginable shape, size, and style so the concern is not in being able to find a design that you like but being able to narrow it down. Remember to begin with the idea of what you need and then move on to adding amenities and extras as your budget allows. Chances are, because log home manufacturers are able to keep build costs so low, you will be able to afford much more than originally expected. Where balconies and terraces were not in the budget with your traditionally build stick home, they can be designed into your log home floor plan with not much cost or effort.

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Floor plans are available for every budget and need. From a 600-700 square foot one bedroom true cabin, to a 2000+ square foot two story 3-4 bedroom, 2 bath cabin mansion. The choice is truly yours. One of the most common floor plans is a one and a half story a frame cabin that ranges around 1200 square feet. The A-frame style allows for large windows to be but in the ˝ story upstairs bedroom which normally looks out over the open-floor plan living and dining area. With 15-20 foot ceilings in the living area, this style home truly allows an owner to enjoy the light and space that a log home can offer.

Be sure to do your research when settling on a floor plan – this is the basic shape that your home will take. Don’t be too hasty. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of floor plan options. Some log home producers keep their floor plan choices traditionally in style, albeit modern in size and services available. Other firms, especially those located in urban centers tend to give the consumer a more modern choice in layouts. With modern architecture magazines holding competitions for modern log homes, it is no wonder that the options are expanding even in the troubled housing market that we are now experiencing.

After you have reviewed the collection of log home floor plans available to you via a home building site, the next step is to call a representative about your chosen log home. If you cannot decide fully, a rep will help you choose plan or aid you in the customization of your dream log home.

With a plan now selected, your chosen company will normally help you create a building budget both to a “lock-up” stage and beyond. The lock-up stage is the construction of the basic frame. Beyond the lock-up phase is when the costs of windows, doors, amenities, and appliances are factored in.

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