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For the past 50 years, manufactured and prefabricated homes have become a mainstay in the American landscape. It has become difficult to distinguish manufactured homes from buildings that have been framed from scratch on site. Prefab homes now rival more traditionally built homes in size, shape, design, and cost.

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Manufactured and prefabricated home construction now references more modern design homes that have had sections produced off site. Now, entire rooms and entire multi-floor homes can be manufactured to buyer’s specifications off site and then be shipped anywhere across the country. These modern prefab homes can now be built to the same codes as those constructed on-site, but for considerably less time and money.

Manufactured homes now come in a plethora of designs, sizes, shapes, and budgets. Whereas 50 years ago prefab homes were thought a temporary solution to a housing shortage, they are now not only a viable option, but a wise choice for many new home buyers and builders. They now offer all the modern design and space that, 50 years ago, was reserved only for balloon framed, architect designed homes. Nowadays, architects and carpenters alike work with home manufacturing companies and organizations to design and build homes for every want and need.

Suffice to say, manufactured and prefabricated homes have a come a long way over even the past 50 years. They now fill the pages of modern architectural digests and magazines, and now run the gamut from ultra-modern, ultra-expensive to more traditional and economical. Both the modern celebrity and the average Joe (or Joanne) can now enjoy the benefits of the prefab home. With technology and a growing fan base behind them, prefab homes are set to adapt to an ever-changing housing market and landscape, at no one’s expense except that of traditional stick built homes.

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