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Turn Your Garden into an Earthly Paradise — Add a Gazebo

Styles and shapes for gazebos are as boundless as your imagination.

  • Shapes: Oval, hexagonal, and octagonal
  • Roofs: Single or double roofs, with or without cupolas
  • Sizes: Ranging from as small as 6' x 6', up to at least 14' x 32', it's easy to find one that fits your budget and your style.

All of our gazebos are built to stand the test of time. They are constructed with the highest grade lumber and top quality materials. Our wood gazebos are available in three materials: beautiful western red cedar, durable treated pine, and maintenance-free vinyl. Standard features include cedar shake roofs, 4 x 4 posts, and pressure treated pine floors. All of our wood gazebos are fully customizable. You can choose the exact flooring and roofing materials that will best meet your needs while tailoring the look of your gazebo by selecting from a number of different railing, post, brace, and roof alternatives.


Featured Product

Octagon Gazebo The Octagon Gazebo is constructed of fine cedar wood direct from British Columbia. The quality and craftsmanship are truly first rate. Get a quote today for this great gazebo!

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Your have reached Raise a Roof's Outdoor/Yard section! We currently offer fine cedar gazebos.  Please browse below to view our selection.

Cedar Gazebos


The Octagon Gazebo This classic design will make you feel right at home outdoors. Product Info


Double-Roof Octagon Gazebo A beautiful double roof version of our octagon gazebo. Product Info


The Oval Gazebo This is an interesting and spacious gazebo design. Product Info


Double-Roof Oval Gazebo Double roof version of the oval gazebo, this product adds an elegant element to your yard. Product Info


The Rectangle Gazebo Perfect for those needing a larger gazebo, this product makes the most of your gazebo footprint. Product Info


Double-Roof Rectangle Gazebo The double roof adds an elegant element to this gazebo design. Product Info