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There is often confusion about what distinguishes a panelized home, prefab home, kit home, pre-cut home or prefabricated home.  In fact, the terms panelized home, prefab home, prefabricated home, pre-cut home, and kit home are essentially one and the same and can be used interchangeably. 

The term 'panelized home' refers to the panelized nature of the homes that are produced, with each section being produced seperately and then joined together on-site.  There are many great advantages to panelized homes, and the market for such homes is growing each year as home-builders become aware of these advantages.

In fact, panelized homes are usually cheaper to produce than normal site-built homes because the larger manufacturers are working with economies of scale as opposed to local contractors simply working from job to job.

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In addition, panelized homes can be of much higher quality and be built faster than site-built homes.  Because panelized homes are usually built indoors and isolated from the elements, there is no threat of weather delays to the build schedule of your home.  You also avoid the threat of unknown and unreliable contractors by purchasing from national panelized home manufacturers with reputations to uphold.  Raise a Roof's panelized homes are constructed with quality in mind at all times.

Many people assume that because panelized homes are pre-built in a factory that they can't get the custom design that they want. In fact, Raise a Roof's selection of homes can be modified individually to meet your needs, and we even offer custom panelized home floor plans and designs to ensure you get exactly what you're looking for.


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