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The panelized home (and the panelized house system in general) has become a common option in home building in the 21st century. Many architects and drafters will offer the consumer the option now of having a more traditionally built balloon-frame home, a pre-fabricated panelized home, or, in many cases, a combination of both. The reasons behind the growing availability of these options are many and myriad.

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While traditional on site home construction done board by board (often referred to as stick construction) often puts builders and buyers at odds, there is, in fact, quite a lot of overlap in the wants and needs of both. Builders and buyers alike are looking for options to make home construction more economical within today’s market. Panelized homes fit this need and niche perfectly. Economy in cost is one of the panelized homes greatest assets but it is, by no means, its only asset.

Along with cost savings, panelized home systems often have higher quality construction and, in most cases, a much shorter build time. It seems that panelized home systems have taken some of the human error out of the building process without removing much of the individuality and variability in design and structure. Pre-engineered panels, because they are machined in factories and arrive on site partially or fully assembled, simply fit better together. Edges are faster and joints are tighter. The overall product is more precise.

Panelized homes continue to advance with the times. In these environmentally conscious times, many panelized home systems and builders are using energy efficient panels and greener processing technology. This, along with the ever-growing variety of design, has made the panelized home an excellent choice for the modern home buyer across the US and the world.

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