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If you have ever walked down the street and seen a home construction site, or watched a home building program on television, you have witnessed one of the oldest forms of home construction in the world: post and beam. The post and beam house is the most prevalent and popular form of house throughout the world, and for good reason.

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Post and beam houses are traditionally one of the easiest buildings to build and one of the most durable over time. While the weight of timber, in the times of the pioneers and before, affected the size and location of post and beam homes, today there are no such limitations. The prevalence of saw mills throughout the world allows for a post and beam house to be constructed anywhere a home builder may desire with wood from around the world.

Within post and beam house construction, there are many choices and styles. A-frame homes, cedar homes, log homes, prefabricated homes, manufactured homes, and panelized homes all use post and beam construction techniques. While some home construction, like traditional log homes and timber frame homes, donít use post and beam construction to create load-bearing interior walls, most of the homes you see in your neighborhood are.

Technological advance in computer generated design and milling, have taken post and beam house construction to another level. With the precision of mill cut wood as well as the advance in joinery, post and beam homes have been able to adapt with changing aesthetics as well as changing environmental conditions throughout the world.

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