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For more than 100 years, factory production of homes sought to engineer and produce well-designed and well-priced homes for the modern home buyer. Heading the move in the 1930s was Walter Gropius and the Bauhaus movement. He pushed his vision of the pre-packages home that would arrive at a construction site ready to be assembled – and it worked.

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His vision was not far in reaching and changing the popular housing market. By mid-century, the US was dotted with prefab and pre-engineered homes from more than 50 housing manufacturing organizations. At the end of the 1950s more than 200,000 homes has been factory engineered and shipped to sites for assembly. The American backdrop had structurally changed.

Today home buyers are again turning to pre-engineered homes as an economical choice in this booming home market. With customization of these prefabs now as diverse as traditional custom architectural homes, prefab homes are an even more appealing choice to new home buyers. Many experts estimate that almost 10% of all new homes in North America are pre-engineered. Many more predict that the percentage will rise to 35 by the end of the next decade. In some European countries, the prefab house comprises upwards of 70% of the total housing industry.

Besides the economical advantage to the pre-engineered home, modern prefabricated homes have other advantages. Produced in temperature controlled factories, building materials is exposed to natural elements for far less time. During traditional on site construction, building materials may sit in the rain, snow, sleet, and cold for many weeks to many months leaving them water logged and warped, and otherwise unable to be used. With prefabricated homes, the chance of building materials being ruined due to natural weather conditions (and therefore having to be replaced at the cost of the buyer) is far less because of their shorter build time.

With these advantages and more, it is little wonder why the savvy home buyer and builder are turning to pre-engineered homes as their number one choice. The only limitations are those of the buyer’s imagination.

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