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Prefab homes are gaining popularity throughout North America and the World for their convenience, quality and affordability.  Few can argue with prefab homes as a great alternative to costly and unpredictable outdoor construction.  RaiseaRoof.com specializes in helping prefab home buyers find the prefab home that is right for them.  We carry a large selection of prefab homes and are also able to have custom prefab floor plans and designs drawn up just for you! 

Not sure that a prefab home is right for you?  Here are a few things to consider:

Fact #1 About Prefab Homes

It is easier to build a quality home using prefab techniques as opposed to outdoor construction because of the enclosed and protected building environment. Quality prefab homes are constructed indoors without exposure to harmful elements such as rain, dirt and freezing temperatures.  This results in building specifications that have fewer of the misalignments which are common on site-built homes. You no longer have to worry about wood warping or rain disrupting a construction schedule.

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Fact #2 About Prefab Homes

With a prefab home, you are going with a known quantity.  The builders usually have a national reputation to uphold and therefore you can avoid being stuck with an unreliable local contractor.  A quality website such as RaiseaRoof.com can help you find the perfect prefab home, and it can be trusted to ensure the quality and reliability of your home over time.

Fact #3 About Prefab Homes :

When all is said and done, the durability and comfort of your home will come down to the building materials used.  With prefab homes you don't have to worry about your contractor unloading the cheapest and poorest quality wood on your house.  Prefab homes are constructed with the highest quality wood available.  Raise a Roof only uses the highest quality cedar wood in our homes.  You can be sure that any product endorsed by Raise a Roof will last a lifetime.


We hope that our short article on prefab homes helped!  We also hope you trust Raise a Roof for your prefab home needs. Click below to browse our prefab home products!

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