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Have you been looking for a new home but just can’t find exactly what you want? From existing homes to architectural renderings, are you feeling that you are somehow trying to live in someone else’s idea of a home? Do you wish you had the kitchen of your dreams; the floor plan you desire; the space and room you need? Well, prefab cabin kits might be just the thing for you. Whether you are looking for a cabin or a log home, or a more traditionally styled home, prefabricated homes and home kits offer all the customizing you could need to design your dream home.

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Whether you are thinking of a well-equipped ski chalet or something more Victorian, prefab housing can be your answer. Prefab housing allows you the control in pre-design that is completed to the T on site. Many on-site building and construction professionals, unfortunately, cannot guarantee this. Many do not have the ability to construct consistently well-made well-appointed homes be them cabins, or otherwise. This is due to the short-lived terms of many of their crew. Workers come and go in a traditional home construction crew and with them may go some of the skill and consistency you are looking for in a home builder.

With the question of quality put to rest, we can move on to discuss some other specifics, but before we do, we need to do some clarification. Even with prefab homes, the buyer must do their research. Check the history of log home and cabin manufacturers and builders. Be sure that they have been in the business of constructing the type of home you want for more than a few months. Some companies will put you in contact with owners so you can speak with individuals who own and live in the same kind of home you desire. In fact, it may be a wise idea to find a company that has done work in your area so that you can see the structure first hand. The advantage to the prefab house and home is that one structure is fairly representative in quality and construction to the kind of home you will get.

Still not convinced of the prefabricated advantage? Well, here’s another plus: many home kit companies offer ability to panelize or “kit-ify” plans that are already drawn up from some other designer. Almost any home or building design can be panelized or created into a kit. The difference is really only in where the wood is being cut, who is doing the work, and how consistent the fit is. Prefab home kits and cabin kits offer the advantage of being cut and fit in a weather controlled computer aided facility to guarantees a nearly perfect fit and little waste.

Much literature around prefab homes point to the build time as an advantage, but let’s get specific. Most companies offer a very specific time frame for “lock-up” stage completion. Lock-up stage completion means that the walls, floors, ceilings, rooms, etcetera have been completed, that is, the basic house is complete. This lock-up stage can be completed, in many estimates, in as little as two weeks for a home of about 1200-1600 square feet. What is then left to do is the plumbing, electricity, and finishing. Many prefab companies offer these services as well which allow for completion of your entire home in sometimes a month’s time.

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