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The demand for prefabricated cabins and homes is now at a highpoint in the last 50 years. In this ever ballooning housing marker, rising construction costs make it difficult, if not completely uneconomical, to build a modern and luxurious home for yourself or for your family. Whether you are looking to build a vacation home or just buying your first, prefabricated cabin homes offer the best of all worlds – quality materials and low cost, and both without delays due to construction or weather.

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Manufacturers of prefabricated homes, cabins and buildings buy large amounts of lumber, windows, doors, and other basic home building accessories. This kind of large size purchasing allows for large savings that can be passed on to the individual. On site built stick and board homes cannot offer the benefit of lesser cost of materials as they often purchase their materials from regular, commercial retailers like Home Depot or their local lumber yard.

The technology behind prefabrication is both exact and efficient. While the term prefab used to conjure images of stamped out low income homes trailered in and thrown up in haste, the modern day prefabricate cabin home is nothing of the sort. Materials are high quality. Design is high end. And construction is precise.

The idea and process of creating prefabricated home is quite simple. They are homes wherein each cut board and designed and created for your home. With prefabricated homes, unlike traditionally built homes, rough wood is processed through mills and saws to produce pieces of wood that literally were made for each other. In this way, walls/floors and other panels fit together with the utmost precision – far more exact than that of a carpenter’s assistant can do on site with traditionally cut wood. Imagine a Rubik’s cube where all the squares did not fit together precisely. Any turn in any direction would be devastating to the structure.

The construction of the prefabricated cabin on site is equally as ingenious and easy. In the factory, each wall section or panel is marked with a letter or number code related to its place within the home plan. This process guarantees a perfect fit upon delivery to the site. With fitted lumber, original design, and an easy build, prefabricated cabins have made their way into the landscape of America across city and suburb boundaries.

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