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Prefabricated homes once brought scowls and head shakes as guttural reactions to what people thought were base level homes. But prefab has since come only to refer to a home or building that has been partially assembled in a factory. You would be surprised to know that there are homes and buildings all around you that fall under the prefab heading. Many home plans available today offer some sort of prefabricated part or panel in their construction.

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The modern prefabricated home plan that currently dots our countryside is beautifully crafted, thoughtful, and energy-efficient. Where there used to be doubts as to the quality of prefab homes, the general feeling these days is that prefab home plans and construction actually exceed those of site-built homes. With cutting edge (literally) technology behind them, prefab home manufacturers and distributors have become players in the housing market – and are winning.

Prefabricated homes vary both in style and material. They include: manufactured homes (HUD), log cabins, modular homes, panelized homes, precut wood frames, cedar homes, timber frame homes, post & beam homes, steel frame homes, and much more. Accordingly, prefabricated home plans vary widely as well from small one room dwellings to three story luxury homes that would not look out of place on a Malibu beach front or in the wealthy suburbs of New York City.

Your prefab home plan can be as customized and individualized as you like. Whether you have chosen a cabin kit or a precut wood frame, prefab home companies offer over 100s of designs and styles. The floor plan aspect of the overall building plan is the most hands on for the buyer. IT is your chance to get your dreams on paper – so make sure they’re clear, clean, and correct. With plumbing, electrical, elevation, and kitchen/bathroom plans to come, the initial floor plan is essential. While the base designs offered by these companies give you a general idea of what could be, don’t let them limit you. Home kit designers and manufacturers are extremely customer oriented – they know their niche depends on satisfying their customers through customization.

In the end, your prefabricated home plan is dependent on your ideas and the ability of the firm you choose to realize them. Researching and finding the right company can make or break your dream (and your bank account). Asking questions and negotiation is part of the process. Your voice is a valued part in the process – choose a company that will let you use it.

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