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The Double-Roof Octagon: Like a Wedding Gazebo


Your gazebo can be more than just a retreat, a place to relax, or a place to escape. It can be the setting for one of life's most beautiful memories. Gazebo weddings are romantic. Outdoor wedding gazebos are the perfect frame for new marriages and renewal of vows after many joy-filled years. Imagine a distinctive gazebo wedding decoration adorned with white ribbons, roses, carnations, and baby’s breath, making a spectacular place not only to hold the ceremony, but to serve as the heart of the reception as well.

Bring together great traditions in the double-roof octagon gazebo.

Standard Features
While all of our wood gazebos are fully customizable, the following standard features are included in our base pricing.

Base Pricing
The following are the base prices for our double-roof octagon gazebo:

SIZE Red Cedar Treated Pine Vinyl
10' x 10' $5,099 $4,399 $5,399
12' x 12' $5,799 $5,099 $5,999
14' x 14' $6,699 $5,899 $6,999
16' x 16' $8,699 $7,599 $8,299