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Chalet Prow

The Classic Octagon Gazebo For All Your Gazebo Plans


Gazebos come in unlimited shapes and sizes, but none are more beautiful than the classic Octagon style. No matter what your gazebo plans are, this time-honored form will not fail to please. And best of all, our experts have done all of the gazebo design and most of the building for you. So throw away those free gazebo plans you downloaded and leave the hard work to us. You’ll have that gazebo you’ve always wanted almost as quickly as it would take you to come up with your own gazebo building plans.

Standard Features
While all of our wood gazebos are fully customizable, the following standard features are included in our base pricing.

Base Pricing
The following are the base prices for our octagon gazebo:

SIZE Red Cedar Treated Pine Vinyl
6' x 6' $2,899 $2,399 $3,199
8' x 8' $3,899 $3,199 $4,199
10' x 10' $4,499 $3,899 $4,699
12' x 12' $5,199 $4,499 $5,199
14' x 14' $5,899 $5,199 $5,899
16' x 16' $7,799 $6,799 $6,799