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Chalet Prow

The Stoneridge: A Classic Cedar Home


The Stoneridge cedar home, with its two-park garage, three bedrooms, living room, family room, den, and full basement says, "family".

It offers enough space for everyone to attend to their own affairs under one roof while the dining room, located in the center, is a perfect place for everyone to come together over a meal. It's covered deck and multi leveled roof gives it a cottage-like feel, though not a cottage-like size! We consider The Stoneridge a luxury prefabricated home.

If you are looking for the natural feel and smell of a cedar home the Stoneridge may be a great choice for you.

Our prices start at $34.00 USD per square foot for our most basic prefabricated house models. Please contact us for specific prices for the cedar home kit models that you are interested in.

Floor Plans:
You can view the Stoneridge floor plan online.